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VoIP Audio Conference Calling

VoIP Audio Conference Calling

VoIP Audio Conference Calling

VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) delivers reliable, high quality audio using a computer’s microphone and speakers over ReadyTalk’s tier-one secure telephony network.

Create a hybrid audio experience that combines traditional phone with VoIP audio for remote participants connecting from down the street or across the globe.


Why Use VoIP Audio Conference Calling?

Benefits of Using VoIP

  • Save Money—bypass the carrier networks for cost savings you would experience with an on-premise solution.
  • Experience Uniformity—all VoIP and PSTN users have the exact same service, call flow, conference features and support available to them.
  • Capitalize Investments—fully utilize and benefit from your infrastructure investments.

Integrated VoIP Audio

VoIP audio gives you more flexibility for collaborative reservationless on-demand audio conferencing meetings delivering high-quality audio over your computers speakers, headphones and microphone. Experience the flexibility of our combined on-demand audio with VoiP and traditional phone audio, delivering high-quality audio conferences that meet your audiences specific needs.

Is VoIP Right for Your Enterprise

  • IP infrastructure is in place today or near future.
  • IP PBX is deployed.
  • MPLS network carries both voice and data.

How it Works

Our project managers work closely to help you design a custom network solution specific to your needs and network.