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Broadcast Audio Conferencing Services

Broadcast Audio Conferencing Services

Deliver high-quality audio directly to participant’s speakers with Broadcast Audio. Participants can choose the audio option that’s right for them – listening to the web conference over the Internet or dialing in with their telephone.

Perfect for:

Broadcast Audio Services

  • Keeping costs low but supporting a large audience of up to 3,000 participants per event
  • International participants – no international rates or tolls
  • Flexibility to listen over computer or iPad® speakers or dial-in to hear event audio
  • Ensuring a high-quality listening experience for all participants
  • Web conferences that don’t require two-way audio interaction with all participants

Why Broadcast Audio?

Convenience: Offer participants the convenience of listening to the web conference with computer speakers without needing to use a traditional telephone.

Quality: Offers a high-quality listening experience because it is optimized for smooth playback, low latency and low bandwidth. Participants have an experience similar to VoIP, but with much higher quality and reliability.

Cost Control: Reach an international audience or expand the size of your web events without blowing your budget.


Want to use Broadcast Audio on your next webinar? Broadcast Audio is:

  • Included in Webinar Subscriptions
  • Available as an add-on to web conferences with operator-assisted audio

Contact us to inquire more about pricing.

You can set it up via your Conference Controls or you can use Operator-Assisted services, which must be scheduled in advance. Schedule your audio call today or learn how to schedule your own Broadcast Audio event.