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7 Tips On How To Do A GREAT Conference Call

Lets face it.  Whether you are a small company or a big company, you will probably have partners in other parts of the country who will require updates from you on how progress is going.  I don’t think they will want to drive all the way to your office just for a 10 minute face-to-face meeting.  They’ve got work to do at their own office.  This is where conference calls come in.  But how to do you prepare for one and not fail miserably at it?  Here are some quick tips on how to conduct a smooth conference call.

Tip #1 – Know Everyone

Make sure you know who will be on the call.  There might be some guests but make sure you know who most of the pople are.

Tip #2 – Is Your Equipment Ready?

Make sure your equipment is ready.  Ending the call half way through because your telephone went bad or your internet is going slow is not a good thing.  Make sure everything is working the way it should.

Tip #3 – Know What To Say

Make sure you and your colleagues know what to say during the call.  Knowing what to say speaks greatly about yourselves.  Means you’ve prepared yourselves and the meeting will go smoothly.

Tip #4 – Etiquette

Have proper etiquette.  Using proper etiquette is important.  Be professional.  Don’t say anything that will make the experience weird.

Tip #5 – Good Environment

Make sure you conduct the conference call in a suitable quiet place.  Most conference calls are done in a quiet meeting room where background noise cannot be heard.  This will make it easier for the people on the other side of the call to hear you and vice versa.

Tip #6 – Have a Plan

Have a plan.  Adding on to Tip #3, make sure you have a plan or an outline of what you will be saying.  You don’t want to get stuck somewhere and then get confused on what to do next.  Always be prepared.

Tip #7 – Prepare for Audio Calls

Sometimes conference calls are not visual, but pure audio.   So adding in to top #1, know who the people are.  I’ve actually done a few small group calls before and it is super important to know who all the people are.  It prevents confusion and you can match the voice up with an identity.


An important tip is to put someone in charge.  Someone who will take the lead and control everything.  You will need someone who is smooth in talking.  Someone who is talkative, charismatic, friendly, extroverted, and outgoing.  Someone who can take the call and do well on it.  You don’t want someone who will take the call and then randomly look around the room for someone to pitch in.  Get someone who can take the call and led everyone through it.  You have no idea how easy a call becomes when you are talking with someone who gets on a call and just drives through it as if they’ve been doing calls for the last 20 years.


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