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10 Tips to Prepare for a Webinar

There are many articles out there on the web that give tips on how to prepare for a webinar.  Tips are awesome!  But we’re all busy and don’t have time to read so many tips in one article so we’ll simplify it and give you the tips you really need to stay productive and keep things efficient for your preparation.

Tip #1 – Be covered!

Make sure your presentation is ready.  If you go out doing a presentation and details are missing or you forget to add something in, you’d better be ready to improvise on the spot.  Make sure you have everything covered.

Tip #2 – Camera, set, and…..are we still live?

Make sure your equipment is ready.  Webinars are live.  Sometimes you can record your webinar and have people download the webinar on to their computers, but in the case that your webinar is live (and available for download later), you don’t want your internet or your computer to die down halfway into the presentation.  Make sureeverything is running smoothly.

Tip #3 – Do I exist?

Make sure to alert your audience of your upcoming webinar.  Your viewers are your potential leads who might also become your potential clients.  Don’t lose them!  Make sure you have a list of people to show your webinar to and make sure they are able to watch your webinar.

Tip #4 – Who’s gonna watch me?

Just like Tip #3, make sure your viewers KNOW about your webinar.  Not only do you want to have a list of who will be watching your webinar but you also want to interact with them and get them hyped up.  Encourage them to bring their friends to watch the webinar.

Tip #5 – How COOL is my deck?

I want to reiterate Tip #1.  Make sure your webinar looks AWESOME!  It is so easy to turn people off with a boring presentation that lulls them asleep and makes them go somewhere else.  Preparation is key.  Put some time and effort into your presentation to make it look awesome.  Put some visuals (most of it should be visuals).  Your goal is to INSPIRE the people watching you so they will keep on wanting more.  Give people some wisdom.

Tip #6 – Is my deck trending?

Adding on to Tip #4, a lot of people may ask “HOW do you get people to come? How exactly do I interact and engage with my viewers and possibly get more viewers?” This is where social media comes in.  Use hashtags on Twitter.  Ask people to shareyour webinar link.  Create some buzz.  You can also create conversation by adding some influencer hashtags and handles to your tweets and posts.   The more people are involved, the better!

Tip #7 – Get a co-host!

Ok, this is a pretty good one.  You may want to invite a speaker to join your webinar.  Having a well-known influencer or expert in your niche/industry speak in your webinar will get THEIR followers to see your webinar, which will be BONUS traffic for you!

Tip #8 – Powerpoint with audio or video recording?

Adding on to Tip #2, make sure you know what you are doing with your webinar.  What will the format be like? Will it look good to your viewers?  Does it convey your message the way you want it to?

Tip #9 – But it’s 3AM!

One very good reason why you should make your webinar downloadable is so that those who want to watch your webinar but are unable to make it due to timezone differences can still watch it.  Ask people ahead of time (maybe 1 week in advance) if they want to ask you to answer any questions in the webinar.  You can use the webinar to answer those questions that were sent to you nad they can listen to your answers after your webinar is over.

Tip #10 – Put the baby to sleep

Lastly, find a suitable environment for your webinar to be in.  The place you host your webinar in will reflect off of the kind of worker you are.  Whether it is a quiet place or a place with family members or a place with people walking around.  Find a place that is suitable to the presentation you are making.


Hope you enjoyed these Tips!  Feel free to add your own ideas and comments below!  You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for more updates!

Credit goes to Hubspot Marketing for some of their awesome webinar tips.