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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Webinars To Get Leads

We all want leads right? Leads can lead to customer which can lead to money.  Don’t get me wrong.  Don’t look at your customers like dollar bills.  They should be treated like human beings who seek value for the time they are investing in your wonderful services that you spent so much time making and delivering.  But money is always a good thing too, right?   Getting leads is always one of the million dollar questions that every businessman and marketer asks.  Webinars serve as a great way for many teleconference companies such as ourselves to gain leads.  So here is a list of 10 tips of why YOU should be using a webinar to gain leads for YOUR business.

Tip #1 – Creating interest

If someone finds out about your webinar through someone else or accidently discovers it and is interested in it, that’s a good thing.  It means they have trust in you, your company, and the services you offer.  Do not lose their interest!

Tip #2 – Create a connection

Reading something online is one thing.  Listening to someone talk is something else.  When you hear someone’s voice, it creates an emotional reactionf rom the person who is hearing it.  Why?  It’s a REAL HUMAN VOICE giving out some VALUABLE information about something that the listener finds interesting.  Take advantage of that.

Tip #3 – Make it free!

Webinars can sometimes be free.  Yes, that’s right….free.  Some are paid while others are free.   When people see free stuff. they tend to not ignore it, specially if it’s learning material they want to gain access to.

Tip #4 – Having a partner is great

Just like in our 10 Tips To Prepare for a Webinar article, having a co-host or partner is great.  Webinars are great opportunities for partnership because you can partner up with someone else and team up.  This can lead to more traffic and more leads because your partner might have their own following.  And when people find out that your partner is working with your service, word will spread.

Tip #5 – Go beyond your reach

Webinars are limitless.  You post them online and they can be watched anywhere at anytime.  TONS of potential for leads coming in any direction.  The reach you will get is beyond any other lead generation tool.

Tip #6 – Leverage social media

Webinars allow you to use social media signals to boost and enhance how awesome your webinar actually is.  3,000 views?  I gotta see this!  Put social media view counters and share buttons on your webinar.  When people see other people lined up to see something, human curiosity takes over.

Tip #7 – Make people come

Create urgency.  Putting a limited number of seats available for the webinar in your announcements will make people want to come because they don’t want to miss out on what you are offering.  Instead of your leads waiting until the last minute and possibly forgetting, they will come right away and you can guarantee they will be there.

Tip #8 – Keep the leads coming

Put a notification somewhere on your webinar that previews what your next webinar will be like.  Ever seen tv shows that previews what the next episode will be like and you start thinking “I CANNOT MISS THAT EPISODE!” and you start  making space in your schedule for next week just for that episode?  Yea, you get my point.  Hype your leads up for new upcoming content to retain them and keep them in.

Tip #9 – MORE free stuff

Ok this is turning into a “How Webinars Can Get You Leads” article….  but anyways, another feature you can add to your webinar: free stuff.  Yes, just like Tip #3, add MORE free stuff to your webinar.  Whether it is a free trial or something, people will want to come and get it.

Tip #10 – Keep them coming!

And finally, make sure you retain all the people who came to see your webinar.  Request for feedback, tell them about your next webinar, tell them to follow you and add you on facebook, twitter, and Google+.  Tell them to subscribe to your email list.  Just make sure you have them on your “list”.  Your list will grow in due time.


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Credit goes to Unbounce for their awesome tips which we decided to simplify up a bit.  Go check out their landing page templates over on their site.