6 Signs That You Are Paying Too Much For Conference Calling

Managing your company’s budget can sometimes be a painful thing, specially if you are trying to manage a tight budget.  When it is your job to make sure the company invests in the best products and services and still stay on budget, it will take some research and some comparing. paying-too-much-for-conference-calling

Fortunately, we have some tips to help you out.

1. Paying too much for features that should already be included in your plan or package.

We all love paying for or subscribing to packages or plans that comes with freebies.  Well technically they aren’t “freebies” since we are actually paying for them but we can still call them freebies just to make ourselves feel better when we buy the package 😉   But lets face it….buying something that comes with a whole bunch of goodies is a whole lot better than buying individual goodies at a higher cost.

2. Paying for a non toll-free number.

Does your current conference calling package offer a regular business number or a toll-free number?  The difference can be huge on your bill.  Incurring charges on your bill can give you a heart attack real fast as the minutes pile up, while toll-free numbers can save you lots of money.  So instead of worrying about your minutes, consider paying for a service that gives you a toll-free number.

3. Paying someone to do your calls for you.

Having a middleman (or woman) do your calls can come at a hefty price.  Consider buying a package that allows you to choose whether or not you want operator assistance.  If you can do the work yourself using the tools provided, why pay extra for someone else to do it.  Do your research on what an operator can do for you if you really need assistance.

4. Paying for recordings.

Just like webinars, you can have the choice of recording your call for training and quality assurance purposes.  Though it may become challenging to actually create the recordings or even access the recordings.  Check to see if conference call recordings come with your plan or if there are any fees that come with it.

5. You are using slow network infrastructure.

Sometimes conference call providers come with really slow network infrastructure that you have to pay for at a high price.  Make sure you are using cloud services or a fast internet-based IP network infrastructure, which will provide a much better service and experience.

6. You are using only one kind of service.

If you are using a limited number of solutions for your business, you may be limiting yourself.  Consider choosing a solution that offers multiple services for a low rate.  More goodies for a low price.


Like these tips? Maybe it’s time for you to consider a better conference calling provider.  Contact us today and we’ll respond with the best solutions for your business.

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What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call

I saw this article on Harvard Business Review through EpicBeat and it got my attention because you have to admit, you start to wonder sometimes…..what are people actually doing while they are on a conference call?  Some might be in the bathroom evacuating their bowels while others might be at the park sitting under the shade.

Here’s a what HBR had to say on what people are actually doing during a conference call:




Here are actual things people admitted to doing:

  • “In the middle of the woods during a hiking trip”
  • “Outside while grilling and getting a tan”
  • “The tunnel leading to NYC”
  • “A truck stop bathroom”
  • “McDonald’s Playplace”
  • “Behind a church during a wedding rehearsal”
  • “The racetrack”
  • “DisneyWorld”
  • “At a pool in Las Vegas”
  • “Fitting room while trying on clothes”
  • “The closet of a friend’s house during a party”
  • “The beach…it was a video call so I kept my tablet up so that my bikini didn’t show”
  • “Hospital ER”
  • “Chasing my dog down the street because she got out of the house”


So the next time you get on a conference call, you may wonder what are these guys actually doing right now or more specifically, WHERE are they at?  The answers might surprise you.   Not everyone makes conference calls at the office.

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What To Do When Conference Calls Get Awkward

There was an article that I recently saw on Twitter called TROUBLESHOOTING ‘A CONFERENCE CALL IN REAL LIFE’.  It reminded me that…yes, a lot of us try and make conference calls go as smoothly as possible but sometimes we can mess up.

I’ll list some scenarios in which such awkwardness can occur.  Though, it really depends on each person.  Some of us can handle awkward situations like a pro.  Others….not so much. awkward-conf-call

Not knowing who the speaker is.

This is why you let someone else lead who DOES know who is speaking.  It would be very dumb to go into a call and start talking but have no idea who you are talking to.

Not knowing when the MUTE or OFF button……or ON button is.

This happens a lot.  Saying something when you THINK the call button is off when it is actually on and everything you say will be heard and you pray that you don’t make yourself look bad.  Saying something that you want to say in the call and then realizing the call was turned off for the 2 minutes that you were talking, therefore making the people on the other side of the call think you are doing something else…..not professional….and very awkward.  The mute button is pretty much the same as the off button.  You press it when you want to pause the call, not when you want the call to end, and you just want to take a break from the call.

Not having good equipment.

I bet many people have experienced this.  When your wires are acting up and you say something and bits and only pieces of what you said were heard.  You better hope those bits and pieces that were sent through the call were GOOD things….  Other things can occur but this is just a common one.

Not prepared for discussion.

Always plan out what you are going to say.  If you are asked a question, try not to stutter.  If you ask a question, make sure it is good.  A question answered by silence is just….weird.  Bullshitting an answer because you don’t actually know what to say makes you look bad and will leave you with a bad feeling.

Not paying attention

Like I said above, be prepared for conversation.  If you are asked a question or asked to add your thoughts to a conversation and your ADHD/ADD comes in and you have no idea what was just said, I hope you’re good at improvising.


Those are just some quick scenarios that most people have encountered during a conference call.  Have you encountered any of these?

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