How To Pick The Best Conference Call Service At The Lowest Price


There are dozens of conference call services out there.  You could run a google search and several websites will come up.  Each of them offers their own services at different rates.  Now the question is: which one is the most affordable and which one is the best?  Obviously there are quite a few which a solid reputation going around the web.  Does that makes them the best choice? Not really.  Any product can circulate around the web but that does not mean they are the best.  Here’s a list of services that you can choose from as well as a few tips on how to select which one to go with for your conference call needs.


Tip #1 – Look at the rates.  Can your company afford it?

Tip #2 – Look at the small details.  Each service offers different features.  Does the service cater to your company’s needs?

Tip #3 – The Support.  How good is the support?  Does the company offer localized, nationwide, regional, or domestic support?  Is it 24/7 or do they have specific hours?  Do they have a direct support email?  How about social media?

Tip #4 – Lastly, look at the reviews.  Do people like the service?  It’s easy to say that a service with mostly 4/5 to 5/5 stars and positive reviews is the one to choose but don’t follow the crowd.  Your company is its own company and has its own needs.  Do what your company needs not what other companies need.  If a service has great reviews, nice.  Now go back to Tips 1, 2, and 3.  If a service is new, don’t panic. Look at who they are partnered up with.  Sometimes, new companies have something fresh and innovative to offer that other services don’t have.


1. Charlotte Conferencing ( – At a low rate of 1.9 cents toll-free, who wouldn’t want to consider us?  We are a reseller partnered up with some of the best conferencing services in the country and because of this, our rates are much lower than others guaranteed.  Backed by a staff with over 25 years of experience and all around customer service, it doesn’t take much to decide why you should choose us.  We cater to the Charlotte, NC area as well as companies outside the area.

2. SOHO Conferencing ( – Pretty much the same as Charlotte Conferencing but catering to everyone in the country, specifically Small Office Home Office business owners.  Offering No Contracts, No Set Up Fees, No Hidden Fees, and a lot of other “No’s” that will surely benefit any Small Office Home Office business.

3. PGi ( – An all around web and video conferencing call reseller agent that also offers webinar software, webcasting and other services.   Offering monthly and yearly plans for a limited number of participants.  You can contact them for more information on their website.

4. CONVERGED NETWORK SERVICES GROUP (CNSG) ( – Offering a full spectrum of services including Data, Voice, and Managed Services as well as Cloud and IT Solutions, CNSG is partnered up with many top conference call services all around the world.  You can contact them for a quote and more information on their website.

5. AVANT Communications ( – Avant is a reseller that offers a whole range of services including Cloud, VOIP, Fiber, and Telecom solutions.

6. Intelisys ( – A leading Technology Services Distributor offering a broad suite of telecom value-based solution. Intelisys services include a complete selection of carrier voice and data, cloud, cable, collaboration services, wireless and wired access, auxiliary services such as voice and web conferencing, and Intelisys’ proprietary telecom asset management tool, Audex.  offers Cloud Certification.

7. Microcorp ( – Noted for being one of the top companies partnered up with some of the world’s top providers in telecom services, Microcorp offers solutions in Cloud, Networking, and Telecom.

8. PlanetOne Communications ( – Providing agents with a  full range of voice, data, conferencing, wireless, cloud services and hosted solutions.

9. WorldTelecomGroup (WTG) ( – A veteran Connectivity Services Distributor and one of the top Master Agents in the United States, WTG’s parent company, Commerce Consulting Corporation, offers the most diverse portfolio in the industry with over 100 Providers, including voice, data, managed services and cloud products and services.

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