Face-to-Face Meetings vs Virtual Meetings


Face-to-Face meetings always beats virtual meetings for several reasons.  You get to see that person face-to-face.  Communication is instant.  No confusion.  No interruption.  What happens if the person you want to meet is on the other side of the country?  This is one of the reasons why virtual meetings exist. Ciscotelepresence_1

When you are unable to meet face-to-face, virtual meetings exist to allow you and the other person to meet online via web conferencing.  Not only are you able to have a greater reach via virtual conferencing but the fact that you get to use technology is amazing.   Now using technology has its limits.  Technology has its flaws and isn’t perfect.  Your meeting can be interrupted at anytime.  There are certain aspects of a person and their environment that you are limited from seeing unlike in a face-to-face meeting.  Most importantly, you can be easily distracted.

Putting these flaws, which can sometimes by minor, aside, virtual meetings are not that bad.  Reaching out to people beyond our local area is a great thing and can make your business grow and be more diverse.  Simply put, you just need to adapt to the technology, learn how to use it, and invest time into making it a great experience.

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