Benefits Of Using An Agent When Buying Conference Calling


Is it worth it for better conferencing calling rates?

Businesses across the world use some type of conference calling, whether it is video conferencing, web conferencing, or audio conferencing.  They use conference calling to connect with co-workers or clients or possibly even their business partners from other parts of the world.  The hardest part is checking your equipment and seeing if they are still working right or not.  Sometimes they can die down or break easily.  Other times, the call will lag midway through a call.  Have you ever been in a call where the quality was always average and you saw your bill at the end of month and you knew it could be lower?  Dozens of conference calling service providers make a promise of offering the absolute best quality of service for the lowest prices.  But then the challenge comes: what IS the best service provider to subscribe to?  With lots of options in front of you, you have to make a decision on what is best and most efficient for the business.

Just like finding the best deal for airfare or finding a broker who can get you the best deal on a house or the best stocks in the stock market, a conference call agent is ideal for giving you the best advice for what your best options are.  If there is more than one option available, they will advice on you on which is best for your budget and business needs.  Even more, they might offer you a discount.  Why go to the service provider and pay the original rate if you can go to an agent and get a discount?

conference calling agent

You might ask….why do conference calling services use or need agents?  Well, that’s like asking a business in the world why they would hire a Public Relations team to promote their services?  Agents deal with all of the promotion.  They bring you, the customer, to the service provider.  The service provider knows they have lots of competition and they will use agents to bring leads in.  Don’t take this the wrong way.  There are some agents who are really picky and will only partner up with the best.  If you go to an agent who specializes in conference calling, they might be partnered up with the best conferencing services in the country.

Now there’s more to conferencing than just conferencing.  You have to be aware of the network quality as well.  Take advantage of cloud solutions and fast network structure.  No more lag in your conference calls, especially on VoIP conference calls where you use an IP phone to call someone over the internet.  Some service providers have really good IP phones and VoIP services while others do not.  It’s recommended that you read the reviews on what the best conference calling providers are, then find an agent who can provide you with the lowest rates.

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