6 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Make Sales


When you are doing teleconference calls to a business partner or to your branch in another country or to a potential investor, you will want to utilize tools that will convince or persuade that person who is listening that you know what you are talking about.  In today’s modern tech world, social media plays a huge role in interaction, engagement, and communication.  It can be used to gauge just how good a product can potentially be.  Here are some tips on how to use social media to make a sale for your business. Social-Media-Sales

Tip #1 – Do people like me?

Use the data.  Does your product and services have social media pages on it such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?  If so, do you have a lot of followers and friends?  If so, you can use this data as a way to support your proposal on how well your product and services are doing.

Tip #2 – Best way to get leads?

We all know that getting leads is vital to getting clients and revenue.  Without leads, where will the revenue come from?  There has been a lot of controversy and speculation as to the exact method used in getting leads.  Some still vouch for cold calling while others vouch for social media.  Does social media work better than making a call?  Some say yes.  If you are a charismatic sales person who is good with talking to people and persuasion, then cold calling might work, but sometimes it can take time and most of the time, cold calling is reserved for those who actually have money.  In other words, you are targeting the wealthy.  Social media takes only minutes and you can do many things with it such as have a better reach, build your brand, connect to multiple people, and so on.

Tip #3 – Making a sale via social media?

This is more of a marketing tip but it can still help in making a sales.  Use social media as a way to leverage your company’s services and products.  Promote your content and create some noise.  Potential clients who come to you will know more about you than you know about them.

Tip #4 – How much does it cost?

Lower costs.  How much time and money does it take to make sales through cold calls? How about on social media?  On cold calls, you risk rejection targeting random business owners who hopefully will invest a lot of money into your products and services.  With social media, the cost per lead is significantly lower.  not only can you connect with more people quickly but the risk is much lower.

Tip #5 – Are you going too slow?

It’s all about competition.  The faster you go and the more you do, the better you will do.  Are you making more money and gaining new leads faster than your competitors via cold calling?  Better check your data.

Tip #6 – Building Influence?

Reiterating Tip #3, most of a company’s sales are influenced by influence and recommendation.  A business will invest in a service that their partner may have been investing in.  Build a community, maintain it, grow it, see the results.

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