The Best Price for Conference Calling?

conference-callIf you own a business, which you probably do since you are reading this article, or you are getting ready to setup a business then this is a great article for you.  If you do not own a business, this… still a good article for you.

Most people who own a business or are a part of a business or people who do a lot of work in general that involves clients use Skype.  Skype is great for 1 or 2 people even 3, but when it comes to multiple groups of people and you need better audio quality or video quality, you might want to consider a better service.

There are dozens of services out there that offer conference calling, specifically audio conferencing, web conferencing, or video conferencing, or a combination of the three.  So which service do you pick?  Obviously the one with the best price, best features, and best value. is rated amongst the top and if you search for “conference calling” in google, you will most likely see it.   Then you have WebEx, InterCall, Arkadin, and many others.

Fortunately for you, we are partnered up with most of them.  What does that mean? It means if you want to know “what is the best price for conference calling?” or “what is the best price for audio or video conferencing?” or even “what is the best price for web conferencing?”, our industry-leading experts with nearly 18 years of experience could give you the best answer possible.  You could go directly to the source to get what you need….or you can do what thousands of people do and use an agent (which is what we are) to sell you the service for a discounter price.

You can see how much are rates are on our rates page.  We can guarantee you huge discount of up to 80% which means a very low price for high quality conference calling.  On average, conference calling can cost you between 0.02 cents to 0.07 cents per minute for one line but that is the average and you will have to inquire with the service provider on what their exact prices are and the response time might take a while.

Contact us now for a free cost analysis or call us at 704-765-9619 and we will personally discuss with you your advantages of purchasing conference calling from us.  You can also email us directly at

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